Alignment should be part of your vehicle's maintenance routine, as it consists of adjusting the angle of the wheels to make sure your car runs smoothly. Not only can it improve (or maintain) driving dynamics, but it also prevents uneven tire wear. Several things can cause poor alignment, such as potholes, off-road driving, and high-speed turns. However, cars can also develop alignment issues over time from everyday driving. Here's a brief overview of some common signs that mean it's time for an alignment. If your vehicle is manifesting any of the above signs, call us here at Titus-Will Ford in Tacoma, WA to schedule an alignment. 

Crooked Steering
If you notice that your car doesn't drive straight while the steering wheel is positioned normally, it can be a sign that your car needs the wheel alignment fixed. This is one of the most common reasons for a crooked steering wheel.

Pulling to One Side
Does your car tend to pull to one side of the road? While it can also be an indicator of deteriorating braking linings, it's more likely that if your car is drifting, the alignment is off.

Tire Wear
If you notice that one tire is getting more worn than the rest of the tires, or if a particular part of the tire is wearing, then it's a smart idea to check the alignment. If you notice the tires are squealing, it can also be an indicator that the alignment is seriously off.

If you notice vibrations-either while you're turning or as you drive at high speeds-it's likely that your alignment needs to be adjusted. While vibrations can be an indicator of many problems, poor alignment is one of the most common issues drivers experience.