History - Ford
In Ford's over 110 year history,  it has earned its place as one of the most innovative, influential, and impressive car brands in the world. From Henry Ford's first motor vehicle in 1896, a 4-wheeled, 4-horsepower wagon called the "Quadricycle" which used bike tires and a tiller for steering, to its recent EcoBoost engine technologies, first introduced in 2009, Ford has been pushing the envelope and changing the game, and it doesn't look like they'll be stopping any time soon.

The Ford Motor Company was officially incorporated in 1903 with just 12 investors. By the time the first Ford Model A was sold on July 23, 1903, Ford had spent almost the entirety of its $28,000 in investments. By October 1st, 1903 Ford's profits hit $37,000 - talk about a turnaround.

Ford's early groundbreaking moves weren't just limited to the realm of engineering. In 1914, Ford established the "$5 Day," which was double the current rate for factory workers. Ford also lessened the work day from 9 hours to 8. Since the beginning, the Ford Motor Company has been about fairness and looking out for the every-man.

In 1917, Ford produced its first truck, the Ford Model TT. As with its forefather, the original Model A, the Model TT reshaped expectations for work vehicles in an America that was still predominantly rural. When Ford incorporated the Lincoln Motor Company in 1922, its dominance in the world of automobiles was officially established.

The rest of the century saw innovations just as immense as these early victories for Ford. From its production of military grade general-purpose vehicles, or GPs (or, as we know them today, "Jeeps") in 1941, to the unveiling of the Mustang in 1964, to the release of the revolutionary 1985 Ford Taurus, Ford has made big strides look easy.

Today, under the powerful leadership of CEO Alan Mullaly, Ford has exploded forth from the 2008 recession with not just profit, but with the trust of the American driver.