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What to Look out for When Test Driving a Used Car

It’s always important to test drive a car before you buy it to make sure it’s comfortable and the ride quality fits your needs, but it’s especially necessary when you’re buying a used car. Whether you’re at a dealership or found someone selling their car online, here are some tips for test driving a new car. Here at Titus-Will Ford, we have a wide assortment of used vehicles that you can take out for a test drive so visit us in Tacoma, WA today!

1: Check the dimensions

When you get your hands on the car for the test drive, don’t get in right away. Walk around it, open all the doors, open the trunk. Check to make sure the trunk or cargo area has enough space for your needs. If you have kids, bring them with you and have them sit in the backseat to see if there’s enough room for them.

2: Make yourself comfortable

Don’t be afraid to adjust the seat and mirrors to your liking. You need to know whether this car will be comfortable for you day in and day out, so test how easy it is to access the cupholders and radio controls, check your blind spots, and take stock of the amount of visibility you have.

3: Make it a quiet ride

You don’t want to be playing with the radio while you drive, because you need silence to listen for mechanical issues. Take a few minutes before you get on the road to fiddle with the infotainment system, Bluetooth capability, heat and A/C, and more.

4: Listen and feel

When you do get on the road, keep an ear out. If you hear any concerning noises like grinding, clunking, or squealing, you may want to look at another car—or at least ask if this one can be repaired by the dealership first.

Pay attention to the feel of the car. Does it drive smooth, or is it jerky? Does it pull to one side? Does it have trouble moving again after stopping at a light? All of these are potential warning signs that the car isn’t in the best shape.

5: Get up to speed

Take the car on the highway so you can see what it feels like at least 60 mph. It might feel perfectly normal at 35 and start to shake or make noise at high speeds.

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