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The coolant system in your Ford has the crucial job of distributing antifreeze in order to keep the engine from overheating when it's running or freezing when it's sitting in the cold. At recommended intervals, you should have the old coolant flushed from your system and replaced with fresh coolant for more efficient operation.

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Why Does Your Vehicle Need Coolant System Service?

Over time, the coolant in your vehicle will become contaminated by dirt, moisture and other debris. When this happens, it won't be able to protect the engine and its sensitive components. If you drive for too long with ineffective coolant, it could cause costly repairs to be necessary.

When Should You Schedule Coolant System Service?

The right time to have your coolant system serviced depends on how and where you drive. We recommend taking your vehicle in for an inspection, where our experienced technicians will take a look at the color and level of your coolant as well as inspect the condition of the coolant system overall.

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