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Keeping the air conditioning system properly maintained in your vehicle is important throughout the year, and no one knows automotive air conditioning systems like the factory trained experts in our service department. We'll happily help you get the AC working the way it's supposed to whether it simply needs a charge or more involved air conditioning maintenance and service. Find out more of what you can expect when we service your vehicle's air conditioning system in the information below, then come see us at Titus-Will Ford.

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Why Should a Vehicle's AC System be Serviced?

Modern automotive air conditioning systems are complex and delicate which means if any little thing is out of order, it won't work right. If you're noticing that the air conditioning system in your vehicle is not blowing as cold of air as it once did, then it is likely time to have your AC system serviced. Slow leaks can cause air conditioning systems to need a recharge, and our experienced technicians can also help stop any leaks as well as address any AC components that may not be functioning correctly.

When Should Automotive Air Conditioning Systems be Serviced?

If you turn on the air conditioning in your vehicle, and it quickly cools the interior while blowing especially cold air, you're most likely good to go. However, if you hear a strange noise under the hood when you turn on the AC, or if it's not blowing particularly cold air, you should have the air conditioning system serviced. Speak with one of our knowledgeable service advisers for an air conditioning service schedule that best meets the needs of your vehicle.

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Aside from some of the best factory-trained Ford technicians in the business, you'll also find frequently updated specials on Ford service, maintenance, and repair at Titus-Will Ford. You can find more information on what to expect with information pages like this one as well as our online maintenance schedule. If you prefer to do it yourself, our parts department is stocked full of genuine Ford and Motorcraft parts, fluids, filters, and accessories. These are the same components used by our technicians, so there's no doubt you're getting the highest quality. At Titus-Will Ford, we're proud to serve Gig Harbor and Federal Way, so schedule your appointment or stop by and see us today.

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