February 5, 2016

To: Wes Prewitt,

The NBA has put together an amazing Dream Team but even having Clay Thompson can't compare to the Dream Team that was put together at Titus-Will Ford dealership in Tacoma!

We started with a drive to Titus knowing the slow traffic on 512 would make it improbable that we would be able to buy our car this evening. But just looking at the beautiful cars would still be fun so no worries about the crawling traffic.

So, let me get to our Dream Team of Titus-Will. With 20 minutes before closing we arrive and found ourselves greeted by MATT SMITH. We assured him that we knew we were too late to have a good look at the car we had found on the Internet. Instead of wishing us a good evening and inviting us to look around hoping to see us tomorrow, Matt Smith said he would show us the car and don't worry about the time. Quickly Matt walked with us to the car. He grabbed the keys and was opening it up for our inspection when my eye was drawn to the most beautiful car I could imagine. Matt was off to the office again to retrieve another set of keys. My impossible laundry list of features I wanted were right there. Could our months of looking and weeks of test drives be coming to an end? But it is by now well past closing. Again in a relaxed, no pressure demeanor, Matt got the specs on this car. Checking off each thing on my desired amenities list I found it hard to hold back the tears! Even with the late hour John and I couldn't hold back our excitement. Matt offered to stay and was quickly notifying the team that would be needed.

LOGAN politely held the door for me and had a smile that put sunshine in a dark evening. Later it would be Logan that moved several cars and got our car ready for us. Such a nice young man.

I have introduced you to MATT SMITH earlier. He is a man that should be teaching all used car salesmen how to make customers feel comfortable with the amazing attitude that the customer comes first. Matt celebrated with me each time we discovered another perfect feature of this car.

SCOTT HAMRE needed to go through the purchase and be sure we were well taken care of. He took off his coat and sat down for the time needed to approve the deal we wanted. Matt represented us in this short meeting. So with a hand shake we were back with Matt Smith. All the needed paperwork was completed and off to the finance man we went.

GARY SAMORA was waiting for us in another building. Once again we were greeted with a no hurry attitude. Gary didn't check his watch or make any comment about the time needed to complete the sale. He carefully went through each page and gathered our signatures where needed. John reads contracts so I'm sure we were not his fastest customers of the day. The only time Gary mentioned the time was when the computer started closing for the night upgrades about 10:10 pm. He had two more documents to get printed. The computer came back online and we were in the final moments of driving away in our wonderful car.

MATT SMITH was there to walk us back to our old car as we grabbed our belongings. Escorted us to our dream machine which had been parked outside the now locked car lot. Still showing us we came first, Matt took the time to remind us not to fiddle with all the new gadgets. Just set the mirrors, put the heat to a comfortable setting and enjoy discovering all the great things about our new car tomorrow. Have a safe drive home was such a sincere message.

In closing I would like to request that each Dream Team member gets a Well Done Note, Kudos from management, and a gold star in their personnel files. It is definitely through employees like Matt Smith, Scott Hamre, Gary Samora, and Logan that make Titus-Will a car dealership with a wonderful history in Tacoma and devoted customers like us.

Thank you,
John and Nancy Z.
2015 Escape Titanium
Staff are excellent... It was fast...thorough (glad they checked the battery!)...waiting area is terrific.... Thanks!!!

Eileen F.
Michelle was great. She went above the norm. She takes the time to make sure that you're happy with the service that she provides. Can't say enough about the great service that she and Titus-Will Ford provides. Thank you

Billie Y.
Justin has always treated me well and done everything to make sure I have a good experience.

C. Gleason
My experiences with Quick Lane have always been all that I expected, and more. All personnel, from the gals in the drive to the preson who takes the payment, their attitude, interaction and professionalism is excellent. It helps to make payment of charges less painful;) ALWAYS more than satisfied with the service.

Lucille K.
Everyone is so friendly, the seating area is so comfortable and everything went well!

Mark N.
Great service from Service advisor Danny Dahl and courtesy employee Eric P.

Jeff K.
Excellence is the best word to describe Titus-Will Ford

Craig H.
Jennifer is great to work with and I will always be a return customer from here on out. Living in West Seattle should say something.

Larry R.
Several times I have brought my vehicle in to Titus-Will ford and have always been treated so well.

Recently I brought the car in and had to leave it for several days. I cannot tell you how impressed I was by a man named James. Besides going over all the paperwork with me, he got me a chair, called the insurance company and spent a lot of time talking to them (and reassuring me!). He also made arrangements for a rental car for me and someone to pick me up.

In addition, he called me as the week went on to to update me on the progress of the repairs.

At all times James was pleasant and helpful. You are very fortunate to have him on your staff (he no doubt deserves a raise!)

D. Thompsen
I bought my Mustang here 8 years from the used car division. Steve L. was so professional and not pushy or cheesy. I had a great experience with the whole process, especially since I was doing this for the first time by myself. As a woman, I was sure I would be eaten alive. I have stayed with Titus-Will for all of my scheduled maintenance and few repairs over the years. I always am treated with respect and I am always given whatever coupon price they may have, even if I didnt know about it. I appreciate the reward program that helps offset the cost of repairs when needed. Being a part of the frequent oil change program is a delight. It's like winning a little bonus when you are up for a freebie. Speaking of oil changes, I have no idea why anyone would take thier Ford to anywhere but the Titus-Will Quick Lane, $39 for a full synthetic oil change, inspect vital parts, top off fluids and rotate tires. Who does that? TITUS-WILL FORD SERVICE DOES. It is because of all of this value and top notch service my fiancé and I just bought another used vehicle from them, our F350. We paid a fair price, bought the premier warranty and asked for a bit of work to be done just to make it perfect for us. The work was done. I would highly recommend Matt or Steve L., but I am confident that all of the sales staff are just as great. Special shout out to Don E, the manager, who was over the top with his skills of getting things done and representing TITUS-WILL FORD in a way that should bring you many customers.
Brenda A.
Dear Mr. Prewitt,

I am long overdue in writing this letter to you. I purchased a used 2012 Ford F-150 this last December 31, 2014 and had one of the best experiences doing so. I particularly want to single out Mr. Beau Conine for his assistance with the purchase and taking his time to deal with my work schedule as I had very (and I really mean very) little time to make this transaction occur because of your business hours and the hours of my job.

To give you a little background, I had been looking online at various dealers and brands trying to decide what type of truck I wanted again. I came across your company's website and starting looking at the inventory in stock and came across the description of the truck that I eventually purchased, however it did not have a picture yet as it had recently came into inventory. So the following day I stopped by your lot after I finished my shift, but unfortunately it was past your operating hours. The next day I tried again but I didn't get down to your lot until a little after 8:00pm and thought that you would be closed, but I saw that the lights were still on and I could see people so I gave it a shot to try and see the vehicle I had found online.

I was introduce to Beau who was willing to stay and assist me. He looked up the vehicle and the we located it and I was able to inspect it . I really liked it and was thinking that I might want to purchase it when Beau asked if I wanted to take a test drive. I initially said no because I knew it was past your closing times but Beau asked again and said it was not a problem so I took the test drive. I loved the features and ride of the vehicle and that made my mind up that I wanted to purchase the vehicle. We got back to the lot and I told him I could come down the following Saturday as the weekends are the only days I have off. Beau informed me that the sale that was going on ended the following day on December 31st. My heart sank and I was trying to figure how I could get this done the following morning before I had to pick up my first client for work. I told Beau that I would see what I could do.

The following morning I informed my wife that I had found the vehicle I wanted but we needed to get the transaction done that day. She informed me that she was not working that day so she drove the vehicle I was trading in down to your lot while I drove my work van because I was going to have to go straight to work. When we got to the lot we met with Beau, informed him of our desire to purchase the truck with the trade-in but there was a catch; I only had 40 minutes to do the transaction. Beau took that in stride got everything he needed to do done and started to walk us over to the finance office when I noticed that I was out of time and needed to leave. We met with the finance officer who was great also and had me sign where I needed to so I could leave and then my wife completed the rest of the purchase.

This was probably one of fasted vehicle purchases that I have ever made, and I have made a lot, and also one of the if not the best buying experiences. Beau was such a wonderful help with this purchase and all of the people that assisted in the purchase and who I have dealt with since have been awesome. You really have a wonderful staff.

Thank you for your time,

Michael B.

My wife and I have been looking for a car for a few months now and it came down to the wire the past couple days because the car I was trading in needed emissions test and tabs but I really just wanted to trade it in.

Monday afternoon my 13 year old son and I ended up at your pre-owned car lot at the Ford dealership to check out a 2009 GMC Acadia. We were quickly greeted by Beau Conine who quickly got the keys and we all checked it out together. Beau was great..so honest and as curious as we were to find all the bells and whistles this car had. He even went in to get other sales guys to see if they knew more than he did to help us. It was refreshing to not feel pressured or like they were trying to just sell us on something...that they to had fun learning about a new car.

Beau let me take my test drive to show my wife (we live in Bonney Lake) because she doesn't like to car shop, she leaves it up to me, but I always like to show her before I make a decision. Due to traffic I knew it was going to be tough to return the car because my oldest son had high school summer basketball games at 4:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. in Auburn. I called Beau to inquire if I could keep the car over night...he was polite and told me that it wasn't possible but that you were open until 8 p.m. and to take my time. So my wife and I made plans to run the car back between games and would make it work because we both loved the car. During my son's first game Beau called me and told me he had talked to his manager and that he was given the ok for me to return the car on Tuesday, so we made plans for me to return it early afternoon.

I returned it and returned home to get my trade in vehicle and on my way back I guess Beau received bad news about a family member and had to leave. He left my info with Karl Swanson who finished the deal for Beau. I was impressed with the how seamless it was to have Karl take over and his care for a co-worker and doing the deal in Beau's name. Scott Hamre was the manager on duty and was also very good and made me feel at ease as I waited through the dreaded finance waiting game.

And lastly...your Finance Manager Bill Yeamans did an amazing job with my financing...coming in just under my budget I gave you guys and made sure I was comfortable with my payments...and again was so friendly.

I know this was long..but I felt you needed to know of a great experience I had at your dealership the past couple of days. I will make sure I tell everyone of my experience.


New owner of a 2009 GMC Acadia
Matt Smith has been helping me purchase a car the last 24 hrs. He has been honest, forthcoming and willing to fight for me. I'm not an easy client to work with due to credit challenges.

Matt never made me feel 2nd class in fact I always felt like I was just as important as the next customer.

My ultimate goal is to buy an F-150. I know I'll be back to Titus-Will Ford and back to see Matt next year to do just that. I know next time around it will be easier.

Thank you for everything!
Hi Eric,

It has been six months. I was just thinking of how long I have had my new car and how happy I am with having a new vehicle. It is dubbed the “cupcake car” because it is shiny and because I have a cupcake air freshener that has frosting to match the car’s color. I LOVE MY CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE GREATEST. So very happy.

I know my mother and I both had purchased cars with your assistance. Then my brother, Shawn came along and bought a black truck with your help. Now everyone in my family has a new Ford. I want you to know how much I appreciate all of your efforts to help me purchase my very first, brand new car and have thought of sending many thanks many times. The car continues to amaze me too. A story:

After many problems with the older car, my mother referred me to take my car to Doug who works at Titus Will shop on Broadway. I have been taking my older car to Doug for many years now. My last visit was to change the oil as scheduled. The next day, I was driving with a client I help and a light showing “a car slanting down” appeared on dash. I thought to myself, “every time I take my car into the shop, something always happens.” So, I call Doug. I am on hold waiting to talk to Doug while flipping through the manual and found it’s “the overdrive”. Well, where do I turn the overdrive off. While looking around the dash, I noticed there was a little button on the transmission shift and when I pushed on it, the light on the dash disappeared. By that time, Doug answered. I explained that I solved the problem. Told him the story and said, “This new car is going to cause me to have a heart attack” Doug had a good laugh.

When people I know have talked about getting a new car, I mentioned my positive experience at Titus Will and the work you did to ensure I would be able to purchase that shiny, ruby red car. One person is a co-worker. He has talked about a new vehicle that would be more economical, but has to wait a bit. I referred him to check out your dealership. When he is ready, I will surely refer him to you.

If I can get the guy to talk with you, I would like to provide him with a number to call you.

And the next time I do arrive at the dealership, I would enjoy having a cup of Joe with you.

Thank you again

Betty E.
This was the most enjoyable experience I have had purchasing a car. Originally I came in to look at a Ford Flex, after going for a test drive I decided that was the car for me. I went in to sign the paperwork for the Flex and instead of pushing me into a car payment I would not be able to afford (very much appreciated) I was shown another car with similar features I was looking for.
Danny Peterson is a wonderful salesman. He did not try to push me into anything I didn't want. He asked me for specifics that I wanted on my next car and showed me just those cars. He did not try to put me into a something that was out of my reach. He let me take my time on the test drives and I felt no pressure there either.
From start to finish my experience was a pleasant one. I was even able to get a payment lower than expected.
I will definitely recommend Titus Will to my friends and anyone else looking to get a new car.
Kelly S.

Just wanted to say thank you for all the assistance you gave me on my truck repair. You were always courteous and listened to my concerns and helped in every way. I think that my experience with the service department at Titus Will was exceptional and will come back whenever I need repairs done.

Thank you,
Roy K.
I had a fantastic experience at Titus Will Ford in Tacoma. I had
been shopping for both used and new vehicles for nearly six weeks. I
have been bamboozled, lied to, tricked and just plain old bored. I
have been shown "certified vehicles" with rebuilt front axles. I have
negotiated prices on the phone, driven to Seattle and looked at an
invoice with $1700 in added fees. I should have started with Titus
I would like to particularly thank my salesman, Frank Smith, for
his hard work, no nonsense demeanor and solid service. I don't
usually like salesman, because the good ones make you spend more
money! Frank secured my purchase on the phone just by being
absolutely honest. I asked for a particular build and model of
vehicle. Frank didn't say, "Heyyyyyyyy, come on in, I'm sure we can
find something." He said, "Give me 5 minutes and I will call you
back." He called back two minutes later with exactly what I wanted.
Frank was awesome, and I can honestly say that because of him, my next
vehicle purchase will start and end at Titus Will.

John M

You were so great when I called in for help with a sick truck.Thank you for keeping me calm and hooking me up with Fred! I love my new F-150 and I look forward to keeping it serviced with your help

Thanks again!
Jeff R.
I wanted to take a minute at year end to compliment one of your service employees.
I have worked with Andy Dahl, Service Advisor, a handful of times. I absolutely love working with Andy.
He is always committed to helping me get back on the road ASAP. He communicates so well. I never have to call and
check in on my car because he is always so good at letting me know the status of my vehicle. My primary business has
been with fleet vehicles, but we have bought two vehicles from Titus-Will in the last 4 years.
I seriously seek to buy vehicles from businesses that provide the best customer service.
Andy Dahl is the face of awesome customer service. Titus-Will has a great business in my mind
due to Andy and the way he works with customers.
Thank you, Andy, for what you do day in and day out. I never like to have to have my car in for service,
but I know I am in great hands when I do have to come in for service.

I hope that you will share this with those who can recognize Andy for a job very well done!!

-Mary S.
I just want to let all three of you know that our most recent experience with Mike Scheitlin was the best experience my husband and I have ever had purchasing a vehicle. Both of us had recently been through divorces and our credit was less than perfect because of that. Mike never made us feel "less than" or "unworthy". Your finance team helped to get us the interest rate, payment and purchase amount that met our trustee's specifications. We didn't have to sit and wait for hours on end to only be turned down either. Mike respected our time and realized how valuable it was to us. We picked out the vehicle we wanted online, he brought us in only after we were approved and within an hour we were walking off the lot with a new vehicle! We will be referring everyone we meet to Mike and your team with no doubt. Thank you again for the amazing experience!

-Mandy T.
I am writing to let you know how I appreciate the outstanding customer service that Justin Dahl provided last week. I was there for a recall on my Ford Freestar. Justin was very attentive and helpful. The employee interacted with me, especially Justin Dahl, was very knowledgeable about your product, my vehicle, and very interested in helping me with the needs of my vehicle rather than just being focused on making a quick sale.

Because of his efforts and trust I have for him, I am planning a $700.00 service for my van that Justin recommended. I am very satisfied with my visit. I will continue to visit your store “Titus-Will”, in the future, as well as highly recommended it to others. Please let Justin Dahl, as well as the other employees at the cashier counter, know that their energies did not go without being noticed.

Please inform Mr. Wes Prewitt, Ford General Manager, know he has put together a great team at the Tacoma Titus-Will Ford that makes customers feel respected and valued.

I look forward to doing more business with your team again, especially Justin Dahl.

Thank You,

Charlie S
I was recently given a 2013 Ford Fusion for my company vehicle. It is a very nice vehicle and has many bells and whistles. There are so many that I run into the occasional challenge, even though I have looked through the manual.

In those times I have reached out to Daniel Cote'. One time was at the end of the day. When we couldn't quite figure it out over the phone and he said bring it by and we will figure it out. It took some time and he was very patient. He made some suggestions and we got the issue resolved.

I just wanted to say thank you. Daniel represents the good side of car sales and after sales service. Daniel delivers customer service in a way that brings value and a good name to Titus-Will and wanted to let you know that I appreciate his attitude and help.

Ray M.
I have been going to Titus Will since I got my first car, my mom has been going to Titus Will since she got hers and my grandmother before that. The service department is wonderful, so when my husband and I needed to trade in our truck and get a new vehicle we knew exactly where we were going. My husband is a wounded veteran and will be retired because of his injuries in a few months from the army. I originally contacted Wes, the gm about helping us fix our truck so we can move to Tennessee for my husband to receive treatment. Wes was nothing but helpful from square one. When my husband decided that we should just trade in our F150 for an Explorer Wes set us up with the best salesman Rick. He was extremely helpful, made sure my husband could easily get in and out of any vehicle we looked at, took pride in making sure we made the right decision and didn't pressure us into something we didn't want. He spent almost four hours going through all the features with us and made sure we understood everything before leaving. I will always refer people to them and will continue going to Titus Will until we move because they fulfill all my expectations and go above and beyond to take care of their customers. I will surely miss them and hope to find another dealership as good as them!
Kimberly J.
This was by far one of the Best car buying experiences I have had- I LOVE your service department. Doc has taken such great care of my car, my spoouses car and his parents for years. My in-laws just purchased their vehicle from your dealership as well with Mike Scheitlin. Dad recommended him and told me what a great guy he was. He was beyond Nice! He was so fun to work with and patient... He let me drive as many cars as I wanted and look around until I found something that fit me and my needs. The gentleman that helped me with my loan docs was also great, super funny and I loved his little superman picture in his office. He too was like talking to a Dad and not a high pressure salesman he was able to explain to me the benefit of gap insurance the restructuring of the extended warranties and the benefit to both. I walked away happy :) as always with a Beautiful, New to me car.

So in a Nutt-Shell, Your Team Rocks!
From Mary- who knows my Boyfriend as a little curtain climber, who is now a grown wonderful man.
To Doc- who is so attentive to detail and a great guy all around
To Mike and these wonderful new people I experienced at your Dealership.

I just Love this Dealership and will continue to send my Family & Friends to you-

Thanks Much-

Stephanie Shook
Stephanie S.
We live in a day in which customer service is beginning to be a thing of the past, where businesses know customers are there simply because they have a product in which a customer is looking for and they don't really go out of their to make a customer feel welcome. Well, from my experience with Titus Wilt that is not the case.

My name is Jonathan Chaffin, I started my own business a couple years ago and I was in need of an F450 truck. Titus Will didn't have one but they found one for me, the sale took all day I was there from open to close, Lyle Cundy actually went to a Wendy's that afternoon and brought me a meal. This doesn't happen anymore anywhere that I'm aware of! He wouldn't even let me pay for it, he genuinely cared about me as a person, not that I was about to purchase a $60,000 truck, he really cared and you could see it. Well, the sale wasn't over the next day the truck Lyle sold me wasn't at the dealership yet, they had to trade for it, but I was back again for most of the day, Lyle shared his lunch his wife made with me, he chatted with me as if I was his friend. A year later, on my birthday, Lyle called me and sang happy birthday to me. Again, not something that happens.

I have only had my 450 serviced at Titus Will since I bought it. Every time I bring it in, the service department welcomes me. James, Robert, Andy, and especially Desiree go out of their way to see I'm taken care of. Often I have had to drop my vehicle off and the service department has either given me a shuttle ride home. Once the shuttle driver dropped my son and me off at a restaurant and picked us up after we finished eating. They have also given me a vehicle to drive home or to run errands while my vehicle was in the shop. They take care of me in a way that makes the experience enjoyable and I always look forward to next service visit.

When my wife and I needed a minivan, Lyle and Daniel took their time with us, it took us months to find the right one,
they never lost their patience with us. They made good on every promise they made with a smile. You didn't have to
force them they just did it. What I'm trying to say, in short, is with the wonderful people you have at this dealership from the salesmen to the service personnel; from the parts department to the cashiers, customer service doesn't end after they hand you the keys, it goes on long after the sale, I have put over 100,000 miles on my 450 in less than 6 months, all of my oil changes except one have been done at Titus Wilt and I'm proud to say that. I honestly wish I could purchase a vehicle from this dealership every time I come to visit. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful the people you have working here.

I'm proud to be a customer; I enjoy being a customer at Titus Will Ford thank you very much for restoring customer
service in an era where you wouldn't otherwise find it.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Chaffin
I just picked up my truck (2004 Dodge) that was being repaired by your shop.

I really am at a loss for words about your World-Class Customer Service!

You and your team have excelled in every aspect, surpassing my expectations and setting the bar WAY ABOVE and out of reach of your competition!

I really don't know how to show my appreciation for this level of treatment and customer service other than to offer up my name and testimonial to anyone shopping for a new or used car. I will never buy another car from anyone else!

The Titus-Will Organization deserves to be recognized for the commitment you have demonstrated to your customers! Your staff was friendly and personable, organized, and well orchastrated!

I am axiously awaiting for the survey from Ford and want to make sure the corporation knows that Titus-Will Ford delivers customer service that goes beyond our expectations!

Mr Prewitt, plain and simple, you did an outstanding job and are to be commended for making me this happy!

Best Regards,
Jim W.
It comes with sincerity I take the time to dispatch this letter of appreciation for two of your staff members stationed at Titus-Will Ford in Tacoma. Mike Scheitlin and Ron George are nothing less than excellent and professional employees. Each time I have bought a car from Titus-Will from Mike and Ron, they have taken the time to address my needs and concerns and above all else; listened. From the sales stand point, I felt reassured when I bought my car and have felt good about the purchase. Not only do both of them make it enjoyable to purchase a car, but they are both nice people to speak with. Ten years ago, when buying a car in this country, most people surveyed would probably agree that was not the case. But as with everything else, things change. This past Christmas I decided to purchase both a 2011 Escape for my wife and because of the professionalism from Mike and Ron I purchased a 2013 Escape Titanum version for myself. Once again, , Mike Sceitlin and Ron George were there to address my concerns and listen to my needs so that when my wife Lola and I received our vehicles from your dealership, we were both satisfied we had made the purchase. I feel that as our life, economy and world proceed with change, this type of prefessionalism is what is well received. I sure hope you look upon these two individuals as I have and always will do; as valuable assets for Titus-Will in Tacoma.
Larry M.
The purpose of this letter is twofold. First and foremost, I want to thank you for including Joanne and me as members of your Friends and Family X-plan. The opportunity to purchase a Ford C-Max at factory invoice allowed us to comfortably upgrade our C-Max package to include a moon roof as well as the navigation system. Your largesse also made it possible to purchase an extended warranty package at a discount rate, something we may have not done otherwise.
Your kindness noted, I would be remiss to omit mention of the terrific customer service we received (and continue to receive) from our salesperson at Titus-Will Ford: Mike Scheitlin. The first tell that we weren’t about to receive service from a run of the mill salesperson occurred when Mike approached us upon our return visit to Titus-Will to inquire whether we had established a prior relationship with a salesman. Actually, we had, with Mike, but the fact that he valued his cohort’s interests over his own personal gain alerted us that we would be dealing with someone possessing integrity. Nor did Mike’s tune change when we informed him that we were members of Ford’s X-plan, which meant, of course, that Mike wouldn’t be making a commission on our purchase. None the less, Mike was attentive to our needs and persevered to locate the right model for us after learning that the initial automobile he’d located was sold earlier that day.
Mike’s diligence didn’t stop once we’d purchased the car. Before we drove off the lot, he programmed our cell phones into the SYNC system then encouraged us to return for a personal tutorial once we’d familiarized ourselves with the various programs. That we have yet to contact Mike hasn’t prevented him from contacting us to inquire how we like the C-Max and when we plan to take him up on his offer to teach us more about all the workings of the console system.
In theory, we won’t need to buy another new car in the near future. But the next time we do, we are likely to give Titus-Will every opportunity to sell us a vehicle, especially if Mike is still a member of Titus-Will’s sales staff. Mike Scheitlin is a gem. Titus-Will is fortunate to have him among its employ.
Michael D
I needed to personally THANK YOU! For my recent visit at your service department. Having Justin Dahl is the reason I am sending this email. He has completely satisfied my visit (business) with Excellent Customer Service at Titus-Will Ford. Justin Dahl is always there to provide customer service, answer any questions I have regarding my Ford vehicle, it shows by his excellent measurements: it is a pleasure doing business with TITUS-WILL. When he suggests I need a particular work done to my vehicle “I LISTEN”, and I do not question his suggestion. It is rare in today’s economy to have such trust, especially with the lack of customer service in businesses. I am pleased to come across a company such as TITUS-WILL, that has such department, and a person like Justin Dahl that provides EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. By far, having such member of your team like Justin that’s always at the customer service; the competition has everything to worry about. THANK YOU! Mr. Prewitt for having such a unique employee like Justin Dahl. It shows how strong your foundation is and how much you care for customers like me.
Charlie S.
I wanted Eric Leben to know how much I appreciated his service yesterday, Sept. 7th. Another dealership did our lube and oil (sorry had a groupon coupon...never again...I learned my lesson) and mentioned that there were several problems with my son's vehicle, a 2002 Ford Explorer. One of those problems was that the transmission fluid was dirty and needed flushed, something that Titus was supposed to have done in March of this year. Needless to say, I was a bit concerned and a bit irritated. Eric had me bring the car in and went through every problem with me and my son. However, there were no problems. Thank you Eric for your time, your professionalism, and your willingness to educate us. It helps me to feel secure as my son heads back to college traveling many miles.

Thank You,
Tami Mortensen
Dear, Ms. Walston,
Thank you for your nice card . We absolutely love our new vehicles, they're great with the gas mileage, which we most appreciate
Thanks again
Kim and John Patterson
My name is Jennifer Hansen, on Feb 23,2011 I decided to purchase a brand new 2011 Ford Edge, I was a little unsure at first as I was trading in a 08 F-350, but the salesman I had was so very wonderful, his name was Jeremiah and he helped me calm all my concerns and helped me through the whole process and it was truly amazing. Now in the last 12 years my husband and I have bought 13 new trucks and Suv's and by far Jeremiah has been the Best Ever!! We have recommended to many of our friends and family, not to mention we decided to purchase a 2nd new vehicle, a 2010 F-150. Thus however was purchased for my husband Steve who loves this truck, and again Jeremiah came through for us again!! making it happen with no worries is his specialty! we will definitely be back to purchase our next rides from Titus-Will Ford! thank you so much for your great experience as well as the sales manager, the whole team was amazing! Also a quick shout out to Gary the finance manager, this guy is so good I just adored him, like I said we have done this a lot and have encountered a lot of finance folks, and Gary just takes the cake on this one, not only was he very respectful he was funny, nice and very patient with our 6yr old son, and that meant a lot to us! he also did an amazing job with the financing...could not be happier! So big Thanks to everyone involved!!
Steve and Jennifer Hansen
My name is Tiffany Schenk. I recently won the $500.00 gift card at your dealership for the "Swap your ride" event. I wanted to thank you and your staff and let you know how much I really appreciated the card! Working with Wes Prewitt, Mike Scheitlin and your finance employee was a pleasure. They were so professional and knew who we were when we had to come back. Mike wrote and kept in touch quite a bit to ensure we were happy and we appreciated it so much! It's people like you that make doing business a pleasure and it's your friendly caring staff that we will remember and pass on to others.Thank you for everything Dawn...what a GREAT place of business you run!
Tiffany and Scott Schenk
On April 10th I bought a Ford Escape from Rick Rooney. He listened to what I wanted, even the small detailsthat were important to me. Rick was never pushy or in a hurry. I never felt pressured. He showed me this 2005 Escape &it had everything I wanted. He took the time to show me how everything worked. Rick made the buying process easy and pleasant. Rick is an asset to your company It was my pleasure to work with him.
Nikki B
Bill Yeamans,I wanted to write and thank you again for everything you did for my family. When we came to Titus-Will you treated us so well I was amazed. I have never been treated better by a salesman let alone a dealership. You took the time to see what you could do and in the end you where able to save us even more money.I will DEFINITELY be a returning customer and will refer as many people as I can. We absolutely love the SUV and we really appreciate everything that you did for us. You really went above and beyond for us.
The Gray Family
I recently stopped at you store to browse at F-350 pickups, Daniel Cote’ stopped what he was doing and asked if he could help me. “Yes, I said, I’d like to look at a loaded F-350”; “yes we have some of those. I’ll be right back.” In a few minutes he reappeared driving a silver and gray long bed. I liked what I saw, so I asked if he had one like that I could drive. “Yes, take this one.” I was very impressed with the drive; in particular, the turning radius seemed better than my 2010 Silverado short bed.

I intended to go look at Dodges, but Daniel waxed eloquently about the F-350, so much so, that I was convinced that the Ford was a better truck. I had no intention of making a deal that day, but after a little haggling, I signed on the dotted line.

While I was arranging financing Daniel parked my old truck and the new one side by side. He then put everything from the cab into the F-350. The big job was moving the contents of the box. Camping chairs were put into plastic bags, a small air compressor was moved, and even two pieces of particle board were placed into my new truck. Having great attention to detail, Daniel even removed my Oregon Ducks license plate frames. Then two days late, he arranged to have the fifth wheel hitch rails removed from the Silverado.

Daniel told me to come back after I had driven the truck for a week, and he would spend 45 minutes with me, reviewing the navigation system, or anything I had questions about.

I know Titus-Will stresses customer service, and I can’t think of anything that Daniel Cote’ could have done any better to make my buying experience a pleasant one. He went above and beyond, and I wanted you to know Daniel knows the meaning of Customer Service!
Bernard C.
Ms. Walston,
Dec. 15, 2010
Thank you for your letter sent following our purchase of a vehicle from Titus-Will. It's the first time we've gotten something like that from your dealership and I wanted to respond. We've purchased several vehicles from Titus-Will and it is the only dealership where we will make a vehicle purchase. We come back because you have employees like Dwight Deskins and Ron George who make sure we know what we want and need. They are personable, customer-oriented, and knowledgeable about the products they sell. They make sure we are happy with our purchase and that they appreciate our business. Whether we're at the dealership to buy yet another vehicle or for maintenance service, they greet us with a warm smile and a friendly handshake or hug. It makes coming in a pleasure and I appreciate that they take a moment to speak to us, no matter how busy they are. While I hope I'm done buying cars, I will return to Titus-Will for my vehicle service needs and know that I have people I can trust if I need a new car.
Nancy Douglas