Keep Your Ford In Prime Condition With Lube & Oil Filter Maintenance At Titus-Will Ford In Tacoma, WA

Ford Lube & Oil Filter Change Service Available in Tacoma, WA
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Ask anyone familiar with automotive maintenance and they will tell you that keeping up with regular engine and oil filter maintenance is critical to getting long reliable life from your engine. We take pride in providing expert oil and filter maintenance here at Titus Will Ford west of Puyallup, WA. Our expert technicians will change out the old and worn out engine oil in your Ford with fresh oil formulated specifically for your advanced Ford engine. They will also ensure that it stays clean until the next oil change with a factory original OEM Ford engine oil filter. In fact, we insist on only using genuine Ford parts when we care for your Ford so there is no question of the quality you and your ride receive at Titus-Will Ford.

Ford lube & oil filter change service interval in Tacoma, WA
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Ford Lube & Oil Filter Change Service Available in Tacoma, WA

Why Does Your Ford Need Regular Lube & Oil Filter Maintenance?

The engine in your Ford is incredibly well engineered and it consists of many moving metal parts that operate against one another. Lubrication is absolutely critical to ensure proper function and that is where the engine oil comes in. A lack of engine oil or old used up oil puts your engine at risk of catastrophic damage so keeping up with regular engine oil and filter changes is among the most important parts to maintaining your Ford engine.

How Often Should You Bring Your Ford In For Engine Oil & Filter Maintenance?

For many generations, the rule was to change your engine oil and filter every 3,000 miles and that is certainly the safest bet. However, modern advancements in engineering and engine oil formula has allowed many Ford engines to go a bit longer before an oil change. Since there are so many variables, from engine type to driving habits, that determine how long your engine oil will last, we recommend speaking with one of our knowledgeable service advisers for an engine oil and filter change schedule that best fits you and your ride.

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We make scheduling your next engine oil and filter change easy along with any other Ford maintenance you may need. Take a few moments to schedule your appointment online or give one of our courteous service advisers a call at (888) 685-0297.

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Trust the Experts at Titus-Will Ford With Scheduled Maintenance & More in Tacoma, WA

Ford vehicles have long been known for value and longevity thanks to some of the best automotive engineering in the world. When it comes time for scheduled Ford maintenance, no one is better equipped to take care of it than the factory trained technicians in our Service Department serving Federal Way, WA. Whether your Ford needs something quick like an oil change or a more involved maintenance or repair, we take pride in making your Ford service and maintenance easy and convenient. We insist on only caring for your Ford with genuine factory original Ford parts and accessories, which are conveniently available in our Parts Department. Be sure to check back often to take advantage of our latest Ford service and repair special offers. And when you come visit us at Titus-Will Ford near Lakewood, WA, we think you will agree with our customer testimonials. We look forward to showing you the Ford difference at Titus-Will Ford.

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