2016 Ford F-150 Spotlight

All of Fordtundras vehicles are built to be tough. That being said, the toughest of them all is without a doubt the 2016 Ford F-150. This pickup has a lot of get-up-and-go attitude that makes it Fordtundras tour de force.

If wetundrare talking bodies, the Ford F-150 has a perfect one. Thattundras because it is composed of military-grade aluminum-alloy. This composition allows the cab of the F-150 to take a licking and keep on kicking.

Under the hood, there are a lot of reasons to choose the Ford F-150. The truck comes with an extensive list of optional engines to meet whatever you desire out of the F-150 in terms of performance.

So just how powerful is the 2016 Ford F-150? Try 8,500 pounds of towing powerful. No matter how huge your haul ends up being, you can bet the Ford F-150 can handle it.

If you are looking for tough vehicles, look no further than Ford. If youtundrare looking for the toughest Ford, look no further than the 2016 F-150.