Ford EcoBoost Engine

Ford vehicles are powerful. Ford vehicles are affordable. However, Ford is determined to make them more than that. The company wants to make sure its lineup is both efficient and environmentally-friendly as well. In order to accomplish this, Ford developed a revolutionary new engine design: the Ford EcoBoost Engine.

Combining both economy and ecology into one complete package, the EcoBoost engine provides a cleaner engine output that won't clean out your bank account. How is this accomplished? Through technology specifications like turbocharging and direct fuel injection.

Turbocharging forces in more air, which in turn increases the power of your engine. Direct fuel injection cuts out the middle man of normal fuel injection to make things more efficient.

The EcoBoost Engine is found in a wide range of Ford vehicles, including the Ford Fiesta, Focus, Explorer, Escape, and F-150. By combining power and fuel efficiency, the Ford EcoBoost engine provides drivers with the most complete package of engine performance found anywhere.