Battery Maintenance Tips for Fall and Winter Driving

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The battery in your car is its heartbeat. When it performs poorly or worst case scenario, dies, all your driving dreams and hopes for getting to work on time, your kids to school, and your day off to a good start die along with it. Help keep your car’s battery powered up and well-maintained through the weather-challenged seasons of fall and winter with the following tips. Contact us here at Titus-Will Ford in Tacoma, WA to schedule a service appointment, if you suspect that your battery is low and/or needs replaced. 

Protect from the elements

Cooler temps put extra stress on your car’s battery. Parking it inside a garage will stave off the season’s chill and help protect your battery’s charge.

Clean up

Take a good look at your battery. Do you notice corrosion anywhere on the battery terminal? If so, use some elbow grease and wire brush or toothbrush to scrape it away. Corrosion is a barrier between the battery and its cables, thus interfering with its ability to work properly.

Check for damage

Rattling over roads day in and day out can impact your battery’s condition. Pop the hood and examine your battery for signs of damage like cracks, leaks or breaks. Check that your battery is secure. If it has wriggle room, your battery can dislodge, leak battery acid or impact other engine mechanisms. Make sure the cables are tight, too.

Monitor voltage

Is your battery losing charge? A good way to find out is to check the battery’s voltage needle. If you notice a dip in charge or other problem signs, get the battery checked out; it’s most likely time to replace it.

Seek a professional opinion

If you are not sure if your battery is weak, damaged or performing the way it should, contact the service department at Titus-Will Ford. Our expert technicians will inspect your battery, make sure it’s working properly, and if not, help you find the correct replacement.

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